Continuing operationsNote2014
Cost of sales5/6(24,126)(23,431)
Gross profit15,6987,685
Administrative expenses(4,353)(2,652)
(Loss)/profit on investments(822)48
Operating profit10,5235,081
Finance cost – interest expense8(2,751)(1,419)
Finance cost – notional interest8(57)(270)
Finance income – interest on DGVL arrangement9263226
Finance income – interest receivable and similar income94583
Share of profit from Howarth (former associate)13330
Profit on disposal of investment in Howarth (former associate)13292
Share of profit of joint venture13613889
Profit before tax8,6365,212
Income tax10(2,830)(1,559)
Profit for the year5,8063,653
Attributable to:
Equity holders of the Company5,8063,653
Earnings per share for profit attributable to the equity holders
of the Company during the year
– basic112.87p1.98p
– diluted112.70p1.97p

The accompanying accounting policies and notes form part of these financial statements.