The Group is managed through its Board of Directors. The Board comprises the Non-executive Chairman, one other Non-executive Director, the Chief Executive, Finance Director and the Land Director. The Board's main roles are to approve and review the Group's strategic objectives and to ensure that the necessary financial and other resources are made available to enable them to meet these objectives.

Specific responsibilities reserved to the Board include: setting Group strategy; reviewing operational and financial performance; approving certain land acquisitions; approving appointments to the Board; and approving policies relating to Directors' remuneration. In addition, the Board reviews the risk profile of the Group and ensures that an adequate system of internal control is in place.

The roles of the Chairman and the Chief Executive are separate. The Chairman meets the Chief Executive and the other Non-executive Director separately as and when required to discuss matters of the Board.

One-third of the Directors retire annually by rotation in accordance with the Company's Articles of Association and this enables the shareholders to decide on the election of their Company's Board.

Completed houses at Carter's Quay in Poole, Dorset


Net assets per share increased by 10.1% to 31.6p (2013: 28.7p) excluding any unrealised gains within our land bank and further value from DGV