Up 28.0%

at £39.8m

(2013: £31.1m)

Basic earnings per share

Up 45.0%

at 2.87p

(2013: 1.98p)

Profit before tax

Up 65.7%

at £8.6m

(2013: £5.2m)

Net asset value per share1

Up 10.1%

at 31.6p

(2013: 28.7p)

Year end cash balances


(2013: £12.2m)

Dividend per share

Up 122.2%

at 0.60p

(2013: 0.27p)

1. Excludes the Group's interest in DGVL from which Inland expects to derive a further 2.8p per share net of tax. Also excludes any unrealised gains within our land bank.