Inland Homes has a clear strategy focused on maximising the value of its land bank, realising value at appropriate stages during the development cycle to support ongoing sustainable growth and therefore delivering shareholder value.

Our strategy focuses on four key goals:


Increase the size of our land bank year on year


Continue the core activity of plot sales to other developers to generate cash to fund our operations


Maximise the value from our land bank by expanding our housebuilding programme


Maintain borrowings at a manageable level through a strong focus on cash management and vendor financing

With strong demand for land in the south and south east of England, we will continue to capture land trading margin by selling brownfield land with planning permission to developers. At the same time, we are growing and utilising our capabilities as a housebuilder (436 units now under construction). We look to extract value using the appropriate option available to us through the value chain, with a focus on the cash needs of the business. Making use of equity, debt funding and vendor financing, we will grow the business by capitalising on buoyant market conditions and achieving better margins through housebuilding, whilst maintaining a sound working capital position.

With short, medium and long term value releasing options available, we will support our strategy of expanding the land bank year on year. We will continue to meet the needs of our customers and build on our strong relationships with institutional purchasers. Our outsourcing model makes the business agile and quick to capitalise on market conditions, enabling us to easily scale-up or scale-down when appropriate.

Adding to our team of industry experts we have invested in additional resources including planners, architectural designers, project managers, and sales and marketing people to build extra capacity to support our growth journey as housebuilders, which will provide more regular earnings for shareholders.

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